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Chris And Kristin Leahy

Chris and Kristin Leahy

Hello Friends,

We hope all is well you!

Due to Covid, it’s been almost three years since we’ve held our annual Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Celebrity Tennis Gala, but we are now back live on Saturday, October 15, 2022 at the McLean Racquet and Health Club in McLean!

So much has happened during this time. Of course, we all struggled with Covid and the human impact it wrought. But also during this time, our son Jack miraculously cleared an infection called non-tuberculosis mycobacteria abscessus or NTM that is particularly deadly for CF patients.  After two and a half years in experimental therapy at NIH and supercharged with the Vertex CF wonder drug Trikafta, Jack beat NTM.  He’s now entering his second year at Washington and Lee University and may be starting as an offensive lineman on their championship football team this fall at 6’ 3” 240lbs.  We have been blessed by your support and the incredible science that is working to make CF history.

But we also have faced tragedy during this time. At this year’s Tennis Gala, we will be honoring the life and memory of one of our own in the CF family, Aly Sudow Bailey.  Aly, Bill Sudow’s and Kathleen Murphy’s beloved daughter died last August from pancreatic cancer.  Aly bravely battled cystic fibrosis throughout her life with dignity and grace. She never let CF hold her back. A Yale graduate, tech executive, and a loving wife and mother of two beautiful little boys, Aly was amazing and an inspiration.

As the data and these human stories show, your continued investment in CF research has been well spent. But unfortunately, 10% of CF patients are not able to benefit from the new Vertex medicine. They still need our help, and we won’t leave any CF patients on the CF battlefield. 

That is why we are asking for your support of our Celebrity Tennis Gala again this year. I hope you will be back with us again this year!

Warm regards,

Chris and Kristin Leahy


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