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Brewer's Ball - 2024!

David & Laurie Ehrlich

David & Laurie Ehrlich

Laurie and I are thrilled to share that Brewer’s Ball is back on June 7th!  We are excited to return once again to DC's Wharf for another year of food tastings, craft breweries, dancing, and support for a great cause.  
The fight against cystic fibrosis hasn't stopped for the tens of thousands of patients across the country and world.  As you may know, Trikafta, a triple combination therapy that treats the underlying cause of CF for more than 90% of patients, has had tremendous success over the past few years - and much of that success is the result of fundraising events like this one. 

However, nearly 10% of the CF population, whose mutation deems them ineligible, does not qualify for this transformational treatment. For this reason, and many more, we continue our fight for a cure.  My sister would have still been part of this 10%.
When my sister, Jennifer, passed in 2000, the average life expectancy of a CF patient was in their 20s. Jennifer was 21. Today, the average life expectancy is over 60, with some patients living well into their 70s and beyond. More CF patients are able to have babies, build families, and live full lives. This is a direct result of event and foundation support that funds critical research, and accompanying clinical trials and medication developments. 
If you are unable to join us under the stars on June 9th, please consider making a donation of any amount
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