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Debra Williams

Debra Williams

Greetings, friends!  

Twelve years ago we would not have written to you about this cause.  We knew nothing about cystic fibrosis.  No family member or anyone we knew had this condition.  Then in September of 2010, Jackson Ray was born.  Soon after he was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis and our journey began.  Jackson has been blessed to lead a pretty normal life of an active boy.  Although his daily routine includes vest treatments, inhalers, respirators, daily meds, and clinic visits every three months.  Jack's youngest brother, Lincoln, also has CF and follows the same regimen.
We are so excited because Jack began taking Trikafa last July and it has made a tremendous difference in his overall health and lung function.  Lincoln will begin this medicine in August when he turns 6.
This medicine was discovered through research sponsored by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  The Foundation is instrumental in helping CF patients battle this affliction. 
Your donation to Festiv-Ale will allow this work to continue and will guarantee you a good time as well! 
Thank you for your continued support.
All the best,
Doc and Debby


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