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Adam Lickliter

Adam Lickliter

First of all, thank you all for visiting my site - my fight. I hope this finds you well!

Giving back to the community is incredibly important and gratifying for me. Even more so is finding an incredible foundation that I have a personal connection with.The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation fights an invisible disease that harms a body's mucus-excreting cells. Usually thin in a person without CF, the same cells in a patient with CF will be much thicker. These cells harm the lungs which, in turn, can make the need to breathe very difficult. Two of my cousins, Park and Carly, suffer each day from Cystic Fibrosis. While they work hard each day to fight what comes their way, they conquer life's hurdles like you would not believe. Their undeniable strength blows my mind and pushes me to make sure Cystic Fibrosis is soon no more!

Each day, I manage, myself, to fight Epilepsy. Each day is work, but I would not be me if I didn't. It's not fun, but it's the life the world dealt me. Park and Carly's personal fights are humbling and why I know I need to do life each day and why I am asking you to fight with me. Please help me make 2019 a year we've never had! Your donations to my page will directly help do a 180° turn on CF. You can also purchase tickets to an incredibly fun and cool evening! All that have CF deserve whatever you can give. I appreciate all of you. Please know that. Your help is a reward for so many.

I will be updating regularly and posting to Facebook and LinkedIn. You can follow my progress over the next several months on both sites.

Let's turn the tides. Together. Cystic Fibrosis should be shut down. It is time to make sure of it!


Thank you from the bottom of my heart,



Carly talks of her fight, along with Park's, the struggles of university life, enhancements and encouragements.

Ashlee Smith of CFF Indy Chapter speaks of upcoming and announced medical breakthroughs


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