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David & Laurie Ehrlich

David & Laurie Ehrlich

Brewer's Ball is back! This year, we're excited to announce that we'll be on the District Wharf! The event will take place outdoors, on the pier, on Friday, June 10th. Many of you know that Laurie and I are the new chairs for the Brewer’s Ball – raising money for a cure, one pint at a time. Finding a cure for cystic fibrosis is just as important now as it was two years ago, or 22 years ago, when my sister Jennifer passed away shortly before her 21st birthday.

It’s been a weird couple of years for all of us. Trips were postponed. Thanksgiving and holiday gatherings were cancelled. School was virtual. Work was virtual. Most of us were able to adjust and make it work. But among all this chaos, the lives of those living with cystic fibrosis remained the same.

Take Casey O’Leary for example. His two-week hospital ‘tune-up’ was still on. The 25 pills a day he took to digest his food wasn’t cancelled. Two hours a day dedicated to therapy – nothing virtual about that. The point being, while the rest of us continue to make adjustments to adopt our lives to the new normal – Casey and others don’t get to make those adjustments.

Laurie and I hope to see you on June 10th (purchase your tickets here!), but if you're unable to attend, please consider making a donation to the cause.

While Jake and Evan will never have the opportunity to meet their Aunt Jen, we have made it a priority to share with them stories, photos, and memories.  When we speak about Jennifer, we do so with such joy and we can see the excitement in their eyes and the picture that has painted in their minds.  

Thanks for your help,

David, Laurie, Jake, and Evan



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