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Nathan Geesaman

Nathan Geesaman

I am thrilled to share that Brewer’sBall is back on June 9th!  After a successful event last summer on DC’s Wharf, we are excited to return for another year.  
Even though the pandemic paused many of our social interactions and gatherings for a long time, the fight against cystic fibrosis did not stop for the tens of thousands of patients across the country and world. In 2021, Trikafta, a triple combination therapy that treats the underlying cause of CF for more than 90% of patients, was approved for children ages 6-11. Last week, it was approved for additional patients, aged between two and five! However, nearly 10% of the CF population, whose mutation deems them ineligible, does not qualify for this transformational treatment. For this reason, and many more, we continue our fight for a cure. 
If you are unable to join us under the stars on June 9th, please consider making a donation of any amount
Feel free to reach out with questions, buy your tickets, learn more about CF, and follow @cffmetrodc on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates on brewery, restaurant, and entertainment confirmations. 


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