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Catie Marucci

Catie Marucci

My name is Catie Marucci, I have suffered with Cystic Fibrosis my entire life. I was born on September 14, 1991 and was diagnosed on April 1, 1992. Unfortunately it was not an April Fools joke. My parents were told by doctors that I wouldn’t live past my 13th birthday. That was the average life span of someone born with CF at that time. Since I was born I’ve been in and out of the hospital, had too many doctors appointments to even count, my lung function was all over the place getting as low as 55%.
However, thanks to the money raised for research through fundraisers like Feastival, I am now 28 years old, a college graduate, recently married to the man of my dreams, and working full time in a career that I love in medical sales. I wanted to become an ambassador this year for CF to spread awareness about this disease and the importance of fundraising for this cause. We won’t stop until CF stands for Cure Found! 


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