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Colleen Crowley

Colleen Crowley

Hi everyone! My name is Colleen, I am 25 years old and was diagnosed with CF when I was just two weeks old. I am so excited to celebrate with my friends and family at this year’s Feastival event, but even more excited to stand by the sides of all the other amazing CF ambassadors.

The past year has been filled with plenty of ups and downs, but two things I can say I’m extremely grateful for are my 2-year anniversary being on Trikafta and turning the age of 25. When I was born, the life expectancy for someone with CF was less than 30 years old. Despite my fairly good health throughout my childhood and young adulthood, I think it’s fair to say that number was always creeping in the back of mine and my family’s heads. Turning 25 was a huge milestone for all of us and we are eternally grateful seeing how things look today thanks to modern medicine. I still struggle with significant fatigue and digestive issues, and Covid kicked my butt earlier this summer, but overall I feel much healthier and hopeful for a long future ahead thanks to Trikafta.

I want to thank everyone for visiting this page, attending different CF events, and donating year after year to fight against this brutal disease. I wouldn’t have made it this far without my support system and I will forever be grateful for everyone who has stood by my side all these years. Your donations, prayers, and raising awareness make a huge difference, but there is still so much work to be done! Trikafta and other genetic modulators are not a cure, and there are still so many CFers who are unable to take these lifesaving medications. I will not stop fighting for every person with CF until a cure is found, and I hope you all will join me. Can’t wait to see everyone at this year’s Feastival!


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