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Jodi, Josh & Jamie Bahrijczuk

Jodi, Josh & Jamie Bahrijczuk

Let us introduce ourselves! We are Jodi Bahrijczuk Richardson (28), Jamie Bahrijczuk (25) and Joshua Bahrijczuk (22). Our parents entered the CF world with the notification at their first sonogram with Jodi that she had a bowel blockage. They were sent to a genetics counsel who determined she had Cystic Fibrosis.

They had never even heard the term Cystic Fibrosis.  The information about CF in 1995 was that there was only a 50% chance a child would live pass 18 years old, numerous hospitalizations, not be active or play sports, miss a lot of school, be undersized and have difficulty gaining weight. We are happy to say that none of these were true for us.

Just as each of our personalities are different so is how we have been affected with CF. Jodi's affected her belly more, Joshua his lungs and Jamie unfortunately both belly and lungs.  Jamie has been the one with the most hospitalizations and lowest lung function. However, with Trikafta and continued medical research and development, we are doing well today.

We have all earned college degrees! Jodi works in special education, Jamie in hospitality and Joshua in media production. We all lead active lives. So just as we were 28 years ago, we remain hopeful that one day CF will stand for CURE FOUND!


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