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Kaite Rose Broadhurst

Katie Rose

Kaite Rose is a dancing giggle fest! Diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at 3 months, she is the only one of her huge extended family to have the disease. With such a close and loving family, her childhood was chaotic and exciting! And her parents never let her miss any treatments. Finding time for routine in the midst of chaos set the foundation of how important daily care was for health, happiness and maintaining the ability to pursue her dreams.

Kaite recently started taking Trikafta, and her experience taking the drug is incedible. “Everyday that I wake up and my lungs don’t crackle and pop when I take my first breath; and it doesn’t hurt just because I’ve been laying for a few hours, is a feeling I can’t explain. Unbelievable! To open my eyes and in the first instance when I subconsciously assess my world, and truly physically feel like you’re living a gift that’s something I didn’t know. Taking this drug also comes with the responsibility of knowing not everyone with cystic fibrosis has access to the drug that has been given to me by circumstantial fortune. And there is 10% of the CF population which Trikafta does not help. So the fight for a cure and treatment distribution is not over!”

Today, Kaite Rose is excited to continue her work with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, especially in the time of Social Media where she can connect with CF’ers around the world! The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is SO CLOSE TO A CURE and it’s thanks to people like you and events like this! We aren’t there yet, but we can see the finish line! Let’s sprint!


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