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Laney Siems

Laney Siems

Hi Everyone!

I have learned and endured a lot through my battle with CF. It is crazy that I have just celebrated my 30th birthday with this disease - that is something I was never sure I would be able to say. CF and diabetes can be wildly difficult to manage, and the progression of CF has continued to take a toll on my body as I get older. Trikafta has allowed me to live longer, and gain back physical strength and a quality of life I thought was lost. While all of this is great and beyond what I could have imagined for myself at 30, I still face setbacks regularly. Unfortunately, this past fall I got a cold that started small but turned into a severe lung infection that I could not kick on my own. My lung function ended up dropping down to 44% and I was put on IV antibiotics for the first time in nearly four years, requiring hospitalization. When all was said and done, I had been on IV's for 5 weeks but fortunately got my lung function back up to 56%.

I was so grateful to get better, but was also humbled by the reminder that Cystic Fibrosis continues to be present, and progress the older I get. The fear of my future and the lack of true control I have on my disease has definitely been on the forefront of my mind ever since I got sick in the Fall. While I am counting my lucky stars and over the moon that I am 30 years old, get to live in San Diego with my wonderful boyfriend and live as close to a normal life as possible, there is always the reality of what I am living with.

I cannot stress enough how imperative it is that we continue to raise money for this cruel and rare disease. Because of the "rarity" of Cystic Fibrosis, we receive no public funding and rely solely on private donations from friends like you. Your generosity is the reason drugs like Trikafta exist, I am living proof that your dollars to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is money well spent! I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart and every morsel of my being, and dream that by continuing to put our piggy banks together, we will be the people who get to make CF stand for CURE FOUND!!

Best - Laney


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