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Laney Siems

Laney Siems

I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when I was 5 months old. Three years ago, I was lucky enough to be a candidate for the groundbreaking drug Trikafta. While this life-changing drug has given me a 9% boost in my lung function, I still take between 25 and 30 pills a day, among other treatments.

I have learned a lot through my battle with CF. Over the years, things have certainly gotten more difficult for me in terms of my disease.

CF and diabetes can be wildly difficult to manage, and the progression of CF has begun to take more of a toll on my body the past couple of years before I started taking Trikafta. It had been much more difficult to do simple things like walk up a flight of stairs or get out of bed. I had started suffering from Anxiety and panic attacks a few years ago due to my declining health. I am so thankful for Trikafta which has given me better health, the ability to workout (finished my 71st SolidCore class today) and run again without feeling overly defeated, and some much needed peace of mind.

Although Trikafta has changed many things for the better, it is still not a cure! I hope these new medications will keep me stable until CF does finally stand for CURE FOUND. With your help, we are on our way, but we still need to keep fighting!  Let's find a CURE! 


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