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Matthew Hamburger

Matthew Hamburger

Hello, my name is Matthew Hamburger. I was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at 8 weeks young. I am now 32 years years old and am hopeful that we will soon make CF stand for cure found! 
I have two nonsense mutations, therefore I am ineligible for any current modulators, such as Trikafta. I have participated in clinical trials in hopes of a modulator for the remaining 10% of patients without one. While at times it can be jarring, I am determined not to let CF defeat me. 
Despite living with a debilitating disease, I lead a very fulfilling life. In 2022 I got married to my beautiful bride, Alyssa. Together, we live in the Washington, DC area where I have a full-time job, and Alyssa works as a registered nurse. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking international dishes and cheering on my favorite sport teams, the Ravens, Terps and Orioles. 
My wife and I enjoy traveling and experiencing different cultures. Our favorite trip thus far has been Morocco. The CF community has shown much generosity and support, which has helped me reach many milestones. I know that we can finish this fight to find a cure for this deadly illness. 


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