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In the summer of 2020, a group of adults with cystic fibrosis from all over the country gathered virtually to create a new fundraising event. Inspired by the strength of the CF community, especially during the pandemic, they wanted to find a way to unite and help the CF Foundation get one step closer to finding a cure for all.

Together they created ROSE UP, a virtual fundraising event that raises dollars and awareness through creative, meaningful acts to advance the CF Foundation’s mission.

ROSE UP participants are encouraged to have fun and to choose an activity that is meaningful to them to accomplish on ROSE UP day.  65 push-ups, running 6.5 miles, baking 65 cupcakes, head shaving, dancing, diving into a pool of roses, and many more activities were completed by the community, and more than $100,000 was raised in its first year!

Last year was such a big success, that we are once again joining forces to ROSE UP on September 22nd, 2022!


Why ROSE UP?  While incredible progress has been made in the search for a cure, there is still so much more to do.

Here are just a few examples of what inspired our 2020 participants to ROSE UP:

“I ROSE UP for all the patients we’ve lost and to better the future for all those living with CF.”
“I ROSE UP for groundbreaking medications and ultimately a cure for everyone living with cystic fibrosis.”
“I ROSE UP for my own journey and for all my friends who fight with me.”
“I ROSE UP for my support system, who keeps me going time and time again.”

The CF community is extraordinary. Together, we have made incredible progress but not every person with CF can benefit from existing therapies. We have more to achieve. 

Register to ROSE UP with us so that we can someday realize our shared dream – a cure for CF. Because every person with cystic fibrosis deserves to live a long, healthy life. We won’t leave anyone behind.

Why Roses!? Learn more about why roses hold a special place in the hearts of the CF Community by reading The 65 Roses Story!