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Meet the ROSE UP Committee
We asked our ROSE UP committee members what ROSE UP means to them and why they ROSE UP

This is event was created and powered by CF Fighters and it’s a chance to showcase the talent and creativity of our community.

Nicholas Kelly

I want to ROSE UP because there is more to do. We are getting closer to the finish line but we haven't crossed it yet. I am driven by the dream that one day there will be a cure for every person with CF. I want to ROSE UP so that I can be there to celebrate my son's milestones - his birthdays, graduations, wedding and maybe even hold my own grandchildren someday.

KC White

ROSE UP means connection, friendship, creativity, inspiration, and hope! I love that this event allows for anyone to participate, in whatever capacity they chose. I love being apart of the excitement!

Lydia Sand

I love the community spirit of ROSE UP and all the creative, beautiful ways that people choose to honor their life or to honor someone else! I love that I can do something different every year.

Marissa Benchea

I ROSE UP so we can continue the momentum of medical advancements so we can find that cure for everyone with CF! ROSE UP is a way for all of us to connect and build community. Our bond is strong and ROSE UP strengthens it even more. They say blood is thicker than water, but, I say, mucus is thicker than both.

Somer Love


Heather McCoy

It's important to me that this amazing community gets to show their creativity while raising awareness.

Olivia Clark


For me, ROSE UP is about coming together as a community to find a cure for CF and allows us all to do so in a way that highlights are own unique talents and interests.

Chad Riedy


Noor Elshaar

This is my second year participating in ROSE UP and my first year being on the National ROSE UP Committee. To me, ROSE UP creates and provides a unique way of self-expression that myself and fellow cystics are able come together on and bond with whatever our passions might be in a way we cannot in person.

Wes Hawkins

I’m thankful to have lived to see the day when there is a community of adults with CF.  I’m excited to be able to raise funds for a cure with them!

Jill Collins

This event is meaningful to me because from participating in the live event the first year, to being an ambassador last year, to now being on the committee, it has brought so many new people into my life. As someone who wasn’t active in the CF community until well into adulthood, it has been the most rewarding making new friends who understand life with CF, seeing others uniqueness and creativity in how they Rose Up, and watching this diverse group of individuals come together to support each other towards our shared goal.

Matison Deaton

ROSE UP is meaningful to me so we can raise money to support those who don’t have the access to the medications and services that they are deserving of.

Andrew Sabatino