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Welcome to Christie's page!🌹

Christie Moore
I am excited to share I am participating in ROSE UP day on October 24, 2024!

What is ROSE UP?

ROSE UP, now in its fifth year, is a virtual fundraising event created and led by adults with cystic fibrosis. The goal is to bring the CF community together to spread awareness and raise funds for people like me who are living with CF. Those funds will help in our mission to find a cure and to improve the quality of life for all people living with CF.

As a participant, my goal this year is to bike 100 miles before Rose Up Day this October 24th, 2024!

Then you, yes you, donate if you can to support me in my goal! My personal fundraising goal this year is $500.

Our overall goal this year is to raise $500,000 nationwide! You can help us reach our goal by donating today and helping to spread the word to friends and family.

Where does your money go?

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation! Recognized globally, the CF Foundation has led the way in the fight against cystic fibrosis, fueling extraordinary medical and scientific progress. Working alongside the CF community, the Foundation has fostered the development of more than a dozen CF treatments, and has helped add decades of life for people with CF.

Despite this progress, many people with CF currently do not benefit from existing therapies. I am one of these people! I have a rarer genetic mutation of CF, meaning that some of the most effective treatments don't work for me. However, there are new treatments being created and researched everyday, and those treatments are made possible because of donations by people like you! <3

My story

I'll be sharing my story on my Instagram reels this year as we approach ROSE UP day on Oct 24th. Follow my page for updates on my activity goal, more info about ROSE UP, and a peek into what my life with CF is like.

Join our community

I am proud to be part of ROSE UP this year. Please join me in supporting the cause!

Whether you make a donation, raise awareness about CF by sharing your story and tagging #ROSEUPCF on social media, or do both – you are making a powerful difference for people living with CF.  Thank you for your support! 

Let’s ROSE UP together!


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